London Cocktail Society: Blind Gin Tasting – Results

Recently the London Cocktail Society held their first gin tasting, with the entrants being chosen from submissions received at their Christmas party, when asking about peoples favourite gin.

One of the founders of the society, Mark, has informed us of how the evening went:

The evening went very well, with a good turnout and some uncharacteristic punctualness from members which helped get things going promptly. Each member was provided with samples of five anonymous gins, each painstakingly labelled with a coloured sticker by Ginmonkey, and a scoring sheet with which to record their ratings and tasting notes.

We had a good mix of members, ranging from those who could happily drink neat gin every day of the week, through to those that admitted to not being big fans. This gave a broad range of opinion, whilst the anonymity of the gins identities meant no-one was swayed by branding or marketing.

Although the results were clear, each gin had it’s fans and those that were less enthusiastic. The winner, Tanqueray 10 received a lot of praise for being smooth and well-balanced, although even this heavyweight received some negative comments as well.

Sipsmith went down very well across the board, with most people liking it and thinking it would make an excellent G+T. No 3 was a little too junipery for some, but others really loved how it stood out from the others. Hendricks was easily identified by many with more than a few people commenting that they “thought” it was one of their favourites until they compared it woth the others.

Unfortunately Bombay did not fare too well at all, with many people commenting that it lacked depth and flavour. More than one person thought we were trying to trick the group by offering a “watered down” gin!

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