Selfridges Rum Experience 2011

Selfridges Rum Week 2011

Whilst Selfridges might not always be the cheapest place to buy rum online, or offline (or your other spirits from!), they are good at hosting events and tastings and in the next two weeks across the Birmingham, Manchester and London stores there are a host of great tastings on offer. The events are starting off [...]

The Home Bar – A Stock Take

Cold Martini

Ever opened your spirits cabinet only to find a lack of what you wanted? Or is everyone else just rather organised? My home bar has had some very good times. It seems, too good of a time. It got rather abused, and never replenished. There was the time that I went to make my self [...]

UK Royal Navy – Black Tot Rum – The Rum Ration Rum!

Black Tot Last Consignment Royal Naval Rum

We stumbled upon someone mentioning that the last Rum ration stock was being sold off. It’s well known that Rum, and the Royal Navy go hand in hand.  I can remember school trips to see ships, and being told about the rum ration (but being a schoolboy, I didn’t know much about Rum).  I wasn’t [...]