The Martini Sessions – Plymouth & Graphic Bar

Plymouth Gin Martini Sessions at Graphic Bar Monday 29th November 2010, 6pm – 9pm It’s well know that Graphic Bar is a place to go if you are interested in Gin, and they always have some great sessions as part of their Juniper Society. Coming up soon there is the opportunity for the perfect Martini [...]

TimesOnline – With Plymouth Gin

Iced Plymouth Gin

An extract from Gin is just the tonic

Sean Harrison, Plymouth Gin’s Master Distiller, crushes a handful of juniper berries in his hand. He lets them fall through a glass funnel into a glass bulb filled with pure grain alcohol. An hour before we’d been standing in front of the distillery’s great copper still — the grown-up version of the little chemistry experiment we’re enacting here — which has been going strong since 1855, though the whole operation is much older than that. No juniper, no gin: as simple as that — without the genièvre that gives the drink its name you’d only be making flavoured vodka, legally speaking.

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Flickr image from oops’ photostream.