Dan Priseman at The Jubjub, Callooh Callay

Dan Priseman, Jubjub, Callooh Callay Menu

It’s well known that I love Callooh Callay, even if there’s not a review of it on here (I really should sort that out!). What I love though, is the fact there is a quirky little bar hidden away, The Jubjub. This weekend Dan Priseman, writer of Bitters & Twisted; Four Roses guru, has a [...]

Let London Cocktail Week Commence

London Cocktail Week has started, it’s the Monday and we are upset that we can’t make any events until Wednesday at the earliest! Enjoy whatever you get upto, highlights can be found here: London Cocktail Week Schedule – Monday

London Cocktail Week – Schedules, and more.

London Cocktail Week Logo

I remember the first time I uttered the short phrase of ‘London Cocktail Week’, the person I was speaking to looked joyfully at me. They responded “A Week? Of Cocktails? Oh MY!’ That’s pretty much what my thoughts were when I first heard about it. I’ll hopefully be able to attend a few bits and [...]

the Hawksmoor cocktail menu

Hawksmoor Steak

We have a little penchant for cocktails, as well as fine food. When you go to Hawksmoor you get the best of both. Great steaks, and great cocktails. It comes as no surprise that Hawksmoor was voted the best restaurant bar in the country. Over time, due to their success as a great restaurant the [...]

Hidden Gems: Serpentine Gin Bar, Hyde Park

Gin Bar - Serpentine - Hyde Park

Drinking. In a park. No brown bags needed! If we were based in London, we’d be over to Hyde Park searching out for this Gin Bar. This is a classic van, setup to serve Gin based drinks. [mainly mixers, rather than cocktails, but I'm happy with that!]. Thanks to the lovely girls over at Domestic [...]

Review: Rules Restaurant, Covent Garden, London

Bar at Rules Restaurant

London, a place that just screams BUSY at you. So it was with surprise that when I first ventured into Rules and asked the doorman if I could visit the bar, that I found myself alone with my server being Brian, the bar manager. [No Doorman? Just pop inside and ask.]

Whilst my first visit may have been on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon, the place is literally a stones throw from the main hubris of Covent Garden Plaza. Had I stumbled upon a secret place, or was I going to be let down – I wasn’t too sure. The reason for the visit, I asked the simple question of ‘Where do you think the best cocktail bar in central London is?’, something that could be a divisive question; afterall everyone has their favourites. A variety of responses came back, but Rules Cocktail Bar was one of the closest places to me and most common answers, from a lot of people I respect.

Review: 69 Colebrooke Row, Islington, London

69 Colebrooke Row Interior

I can’t remember exactly how I came to know of this bar, but it’s name had floated around through my ‘research’ of nice places to drink, and there were quite a few good reviews of it. Though I was no closer to knowing what it’s called. . .surely it can’t just be called ’69 Colebrooke Row’.

I was wrong, my receipt calls the place ‘The Bar With No Name’ and even though I knew what road it was on, and what to look out for (a lantern with the number 69 on it). I still had stood outside on the street for two minutes, having to doubleback on myself before I realised that the place I had assumed was empty, had life. If you do go looking for this place, don’t expect it to jump out to you. It blends into the backstreets, which is exactly what it tries to achieve.

Purl, London – New Bar Opening


Cocktails. No matter where they are, we will go out and about trying to seek the best. We reckon that Purl, a new bar opening in Marylebone by Tristan Stephenson (and other Fluid Movement partners will be high up on our ‘to visit’ list.