The London Cocktail Society Christmas Party at Callooh Callay

The second week of December, and the Christmas party season is upon us. On Monday 6th I attended a Christmas Party, one that I was looking forward to attending. I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with undercooked spuds, a dry turkey and a harsh red wine. Instead, the London Cocktail Society were hosting their [...]

London Cocktail Society – Inaugural Meet

69 Colebrooke Row - Lab1

Last week the London Cocktail Society held their first meeting, so whats the lowdown? What happens when cocktails meet science? That’s something that is happening at 69 Colebrooke Row, and even though the bar may appear to be akin to any others (but serving great drinks). The upstairs is where the owner, Tony Congilarino, has [...]

The London Cocktail Society

You may have heard the rumours, the London Cocktail Society is up an running. The first meeting took place on the 4th August, and I hear it was a rather sedate (or not) affair. So what is it all about? Well if the name does not give it away, it’s a society of fellow cocktail [...]