Birmingham Selfridges – Cocktail Week

Selfridges Cocktail Week 2010

Selfridges in London are one of the host venues for London Cocktail Week, but it doesn’t stop Birmingham from getting in on the action. Each day a different spirit will become the focus of demonstrations carried out by a selection of the UK’s best mixologists. Simply head to the Wine & Spirits Shop between the [...]

Review: Island Bar, Birmingham

Cucumber Elderflower Martini

This is one of the few places in Birmingham that bills itself as a cocktail bar (and rock and roll bar). It’s certainly a bit different from what some people might believe a cocktail bar should look like with its funky interior, and rock&roll vibe.

Though a quick look at the bar, and of the menu show you one thing. Cocktails are the main thing on the menu, sure there are some bottle and draft beers – but well you may not receive the warmest of welcome if that’s all you are after.