The Imbibe Debate: Gin

Morning Tonic Gin Botanicals

On reading Imbibe I came across the Gin debate, where the question was asked “Gin has seen plenty of innovation of late . . . but is the drink in danger of losing it’s personality in the process?” On one side you have Desmond Payne, current master distiller at Beefeater (and Plymouth previously).  There’s a [...]

Imbibe – The Gin Edition

Imbibe Entrance

OK, It’s a few weeks later and hopefully everyone who attended Imbibe is now fully alive. A friend asked me whether it was like any other trade show. In essence yes, except amongst the corridors of stands in an exhibition hall there was a plethora of drinks on offer.

Being a ‘Gin Blog’ we certainly worked hard at giving the different brands a tasting, it was nice to be able to meet the people behind the brands and also to have a chat about their plans, and how they perceive the Gin market. Of course we also tasted a lot of other things, including some Rums, Cognac, Vodka, Tequila, Beer and Wine [oh and a Jagerbomb].

Imbibe 2010 – Before

So, the night before the big day. Tomorrow is Imbibe, billed as: an intelligent, new exhibition for anyone who buys or serves drinks within the licensed trade and is keen to improve their drinks offering and knowledge. There should be a good mix of things going on, and if we come across any nice products [...]