The Imbibe Debate: Gin

Morning Tonic Gin Botanicals

On reading Imbibe I came across the Gin debate, where the question was asked “Gin has seen plenty of innovation of late . . . but is the drink in danger of losing it’s personality in the process?” On one side you have Desmond Payne, current master distiller at Beefeater (and Plymouth previously).  There’s a [...]

The Coconut Rundown: Pepsi Challenge (Inc. Hoxton Gin!)


Recently I’ve compared Hoxton Gin, one of the newest gins on the market, to Malibu. This was mainly due to the coconut being such a dominating botanical in the end product.

On entering Graphic Bar last week, and having a chat with Adam and Sarah (of Juniper Society fame), the question was raised: Is it possible to tell the difference between Hoxton Gin, and other coconut rums.

Hoxton Gin


Buy Hoxton Gin – £27.25

It’s been said that Bombay Sapphire might be a suitable gin to start vodka drinkers on, as it’s light and very subtle. It appears that Hoxton Gin may have taken this one step further, with a gin that your malibu totting friends will love.