Ginfest 2010


We do love drink related occasions, but with Tales of the Cocktail, BCB, Rumfest and now London Cocktail Week; along with the rest of the beer & cider festivals. It does sometimes feel that Birmingham isn’t offering ‘much’ in the way of education, and it’s great to see that the Jekyll & Hyde in Birmingham is hosting a Ginfest.

Beefeater 24 – Free Drink Vouchers – B24:LDNXPOSED

Beefeater24 Voucher

Of all the things we like in life, we like those that are free a lot. We like Gin a lot. We like the potential for free Gin even moreso. Luckily the lovely people at Beefeater 24 are allowing 4,000 lucky people (and their friend) the chance to have a free drink. To be in [...]

The Home Bar – A Stock Take

Cold Martini

Ever opened your spirits cabinet only to find a lack of what you wanted? Or is everyone else just rather organised? My home bar has had some very good times. It seems, too good of a time. It got rather abused, and never replenished. There was the time that I went to make my self [...]

Nice Things: A Hendrick’s Notebook & Other Bits

Hendricks Notebook

Yesterday was a good day for ‘free things’, not only did I get sent a set of glasses from The Dorchester (more on that later) I also received something from the lovely curious folks at Hendrick’s. It caught me slightly off guard, wondering how the fine fellows had managed to obtain my actual address. Were those cucumber wielding children of mother’s ruin spying upon me?

Occasions: The Spirits of the Mal

Malmaison This Could Get Messy

Malmaison, the upmarket hotel chain with 12 properties around the UK are having a little ‘spirits’ evening around the country. So, if you like Gin and Whisky you might want to checkout The Spirits of the Mal events happening around the country. Joanne Moore from Greenall’s will be leading the Gin side of things, and [...]

G’Vine Connoisseur Program Coverage

G'Vine Gins

Currently in the depth of Cognac, 12 of the best Gin bartenders who have been whittled down are fighting away in rounds of competitions.

Luckily, no hand to hand combat is taking place. Instead so far they have had a blind tasting of 12 unknown Gins, and a speed round of trying to make 2 G&Ts, a Negroni, a Summer Martini and a Jasmine in 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Review: Rules Restaurant, Covent Garden, London

Bar at Rules Restaurant

London, a place that just screams BUSY at you. So it was with surprise that when I first ventured into Rules and asked the doorman if I could visit the bar, that I found myself alone with my server being Brian, the bar manager. [No Doorman? Just pop inside and ask.]

Whilst my first visit may have been on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon, the place is literally a stones throw from the main hubris of Covent Garden Plaza. Had I stumbled upon a secret place, or was I going to be let down – I wasn’t too sure. The reason for the visit, I asked the simple question of ‘Where do you think the best cocktail bar in central London is?’, something that could be a divisive question; afterall everyone has their favourites. A variety of responses came back, but Rules Cocktail Bar was one of the closest places to me and most common answers, from a lot of people I respect.

World Gin Day – 12 June 2010

Martini Gin Cocktail

A while ago, or more precisely over a year ago, when YetAnotherGin was just setup we decided to declare a day World Gin Day.

There was no reason, we just happen to like Gin, we know others do, so we thought we could cajole our fellow Gin loving comrades into having a bit of a tipple.

World Cup Drinks Planner

World Cup Trophy

The World Cup is fast approaching, so take your group planner in one hand, and these lists in the other. BarLifeUK have published a list of cocktails, for each country present.

World Cup Cocktails: Part One
World Cup Cocktails: Part Two


Dash of Boker’s bitters
2 dashes of maraschino
12.5ml Old Tom gin
50ml Italian vermouth
1/4 lemon slice

Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake for a few seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass.