YAG Tasting #2 – Premium Gins

YetAnotherGin Tasting #2

Recently the second YetAnotherGin tasting took place, details of the first, this time the focus was on premium gins. As before this was a blind tasting, the people who came to taste had no idea which gin was which, all they knew is that the gin was likely to be on the table shown above. [...]

Midlands Mixology – The Gin Round

Amen Johal

Competitions. The dread of those who aren’t conninving and deceitful, well at least when it comes to school sports day and you tripping up your competitor in the moments before that 100m sprint. Luckily, there are some competitions which interest me a little bit more than the 100m, even if it is extremely likely that [...]

Trivia: A tidbit from Chase

From Chase: It takes us 4 days to produce 1 batch of chase Vodka . 5 to make the gin .

Imbibe – The Gin Edition

Imbibe Entrance

OK, It’s a few weeks later and hopefully everyone who attended Imbibe is now fully alive. A friend asked me whether it was like any other trade show. In essence yes, except amongst the corridors of stands in an exhibition hall there was a plethora of drinks on offer.

Being a ‘Gin Blog’ we certainly worked hard at giving the different brands a tasting, it was nice to be able to meet the people behind the brands and also to have a chat about their plans, and how they perceive the Gin market. Of course we also tasted a lot of other things, including some Rums, Cognac, Vodka, Tequila, Beer and Wine [oh and a Jagerbomb].