Campari Limited Edition Art Label, by Romero Britto

Campari Romero Britto Label

The eagled eyed Negroni drinkers will have spotted that Campari have launched a new ‘art label’ for 2011 created by the Brazilian-born artist Romero Britto. This is the fourth time that Campari have changed their label for a limited edition, since when it was first changed to celebrate Campari’s 150 Year Anniversary. Following in the [...]

Review: Frank’s Campari Bar, 10th Floor, Peckham Multi-Story Carpark, London

Franks Campari Bar Area

A pop-up art project café on the top of the Peckham Multiplex – ten floors up in a disused car park – serving up lashings of bitter orange Campari cocktails on wooden benches underneath a tarpaulin looking out across the whole of London. As concepts go, it’s difficult to top, even in this saturated city.


Negroni, Rules, London

Now, if you ever fancy a refreshing summer drink you really should consider a Negroni.

To make a Negroni, you’ll need

  • 50ml sweet vermouth
  • 50ml gin
  • 50ml Campari (or Aperol)
  • Orange slice for garnish.