Dan Priseman at The Jubjub, Callooh Callay

Dan Priseman, Jubjub, Callooh Callay Menu

It’s well known that I love Callooh Callay, even if there’s not a review of it on here (I really should sort that out!). What I love though, is the fact there is a quirky little bar hidden away, The Jubjub. This weekend Dan Priseman, writer of Bitters & Twisted; Four Roses guru, has a [...]

The London Cocktail Society Christmas Party at Callooh Callay

The second week of December, and the Christmas party season is upon us. On Monday 6th I attended a Christmas Party, one that I was looking forward to attending. I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with undercooked spuds, a dry turkey and a harsh red wine. Instead, the London Cocktail Society were hosting their [...]

Callooh Callay Present the Shoreditch (End of) Summer Party

Callooh Callay End of Summer Party

It appears that summer may slowly be drifting away from us. Just the other weekend I was at an ‘Indian Summer’ party but surely as we get nearer to October we have to admit that Summer has truly left us? Luckily those lovely boys and girls at Callooh Callay are giving summer a decent farewell [...]

42Below Cocktail World Cup 2011

42Below Cocktail World Cup

Last month, the UK regional section of the 42Below Cocktail World Cup visited 8 cities; later this year in October is the National final.  Then the winners go onwards to the main event in New Zealand in March 2011. Below are the finalists from each region which have formed their own team, unfortunately there is [...]