Posh Drinking: The Martini Crawl

Martini At Hix (By Laissez Fare)

It’s currently a rather bright, if drizzly, Saturday afternoon and I’m wishing I was out and about. Instead, after a trip to London I’m having a rather relaxing day. Though if I was in London, I think I’d like to do a Martini Crawl. Imagine a pub crawl, the circle line crawl, but a tad [...]

Rhubarb Gin, two ways.

One of our fellow drinking friends has conducted some rigorous scientific research into Rhubarb Gin.

Outside of drinking interesting booze I’m also rather interested in making it. However, lacking both license and equipment to distill and the patience to brew at home I’m currently sticking with the joys of flavouring spirits. I’ve done a few vodka based experiments (with the liquorice vodka being a repeated success which never lasts very long) but after discussing flavour extraction with the chaps at Hawksmoor (where the horseradish gin in the bloody marys is rather nice) and trying Bob Bob Ricard’s rhubarb G&T I decided to try making rhubarb gin.

Take a look at his findings, Billy’s Booze Blog – Rhubarb Gin, two ways

Anyone tried anything similiar, a sloe gin perhaps?