A free peek around Drink Factory (Aka Tony C’s Big Lab)

Tony C

Many people will be aware of Tony Conigliaro, of 69 Colebrooke Row fame (and also his bar at The Zetter Townhouse). Some may be aware that he used to have a small (and I mean small lab above his bar).  Since then he’s moved to larger premises called The Drink Factory. It’s much larger than [...]

Beefeater Winter Gin – Release Confirmed

Beefeater Winter Edition - Label Shot

It will come as no surprise to those that were aware of the availability of Beefeater Summer Gin that it is being followed up by a Beefeater Winter Gin. It’s an interesting take on the market, and expands the Beefeater portfolio (which includes the ‘normal‘, 24, Crown Jewel and the aforementioned Summer Gin). Developed by Beefeater’s [...]