A free peek around Drink Factory (Aka Tony C’s Big Lab)

Tony C

Many people will be aware of Tony Conigliaro, of 69 Colebrooke Row fame (and also his bar at The Zetter Townhouse). Some may be aware that he used to have a small (and I mean small lab above his bar).  Since then he’s moved to larger premises called The Drink Factory. It’s much larger than [...]

YAG Tasting #2 – Premium Gins

YetAnotherGin Tasting #2

Recently the second YetAnotherGin tasting took place, details of the first, this time the focus was on premium gins. As before this was a blind tasting, the people who came to taste had no idea which gin was which, all they knew is that the gin was likely to be on the table shown above. [...]

Beefeater 24 – Free Drink Vouchers – B24:LDNXPOSED

Beefeater24 Voucher

Of all the things we like in life, we like those that are free a lot. We like Gin a lot. We like the potential for free Gin even moreso. Luckily the lovely people at Beefeater 24 are allowing 4,000 lucky people (and their friend) the chance to have a free drink. To be in [...]