Review: Polpo Campari Bar, Beak St, London

It’s been about a month since the Polpo Campari Bar has opened, and I thought it best to provide an update.

The bar opened on February 8th and is situated in what used to be the old private dining room. If you are familiar with Polpo, this means that it’s downstairs; before you can get in to it, you first need to navigate through the crowds of people asking for a table for 8 and 7PM on a Thursday (hint: you may be waiting for a while).

Once you’ve squeezed through, and you head downstairs you find a little bar with a big buzz. The lights are dimmed, and there’s only three tables, and some standing room at the bar. It’s either quiet, or busy (more likely the latter).

Drinks wise the menu appears to be the same as served in the upstairs restaurant, the only difference being here you can while away your evening with friends in a more comfortable atmosphere. Also this is more of an informal bar, where you can pop in and get some tramezzini (little sandwiches) and cicheti (small snacks). These are situated in a glass cabinet by the bar and start from only £1. Due to the drinks license you do need to have some food whilst you are down there, though I doubt the cost will break the bank!

For the cocktail lovers out there, the menu is full of classics. Sazeracs, Manhattens, Negronis, Americanos, Spritzs etc. As the bartender once said, “Our Negroni is as much booze as we can fit in the glass” – the glass may be small, but it’s far too easy to knock a few back.

I’d say that if you happen to be around in Beak St and fancy a post-work drink, wine or spirit based, then I’d seriously recommend you pop in. It makes a great meeting place, and on my last few visits to London I’ve made sure to pop in for some chat with the bartenders and to see some friends.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Staff: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Drinks: 8/10
Overall 8.25/10

Location: Polpo, 41 Beak Street London. W1F 9SB
Website: Polpo

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