Mishkin’s, 25 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2

Living the life of a traveller is hard, after all I’m always living out of a suitcase and in a life of hotel solitude. Luckily there are some benefits, which include the perks of expenses and the ability to eat out and drink at good places.

Doing my expenses the other week I realised I’d spent a lot at Polpo, Da Polpo, Polpetto and Spuntino – all fine venues from Russell Norman and Richard Beatty.  I mourned the fact I wasn’t going to be travelling as much, and then came along Mishkin’s.

With a tagline of ‘a kind of Jewish deli with cocktails’ and a facade that proudly states Meatloaf, Gin and Salt Beef I knew I had to head there.  Waiting in line you could recognise the touches that make the place unique, all coming from the same stable but you can see the eye to detail and the small finishes that make Mishkin’s feel like it has been here for a while.

Cocktail wise the list is heavy on the gin, in fact it’s only a gin based list but I’m sure the staff could rustle up a decent sidecar or anything else that takes your fancy. With gin bottles including the finest Tesco, Jensen Old Tom, Beefeater, Sipsmith, Citadelle and many other delights it’s great to see such a selection in a restaurant and it’s one that puts many bars to shame (though of course not Graphic!)


Last Word
Gibson (Gin Martini with an onion)
London Cup


Salt Beef
Matzo Soup
Oxtail Cholent
Duck Hash
Cod Cheek Popcorn

If the list of what my dining partner for the evening (the lovely Emma of Gin Monkey fame) doesn’t make you want to jump in a taxi and get there now then I’m sorry but we just can’t be friends.

For me the highlight was the Last Word and also the London Cup which was a punch to share and with grapefruit and mint teamed with Campari and Gin it was a great end to a fine dining experience. In brief, it’s worth a visit and for us the bill ended up around the £80 mark (including service) but certainly worth a visit.

I’m also hearing great things about their meatloaf and steamed patties plus there are cocktails on the list that I still need to try!

Location: 25 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2
Website: Mishkin’s


  1. jellydonut says:

    Call me an underdeveloped child if you want, but I think the list requires more accessible drinks. The Last Word is a sour to be sure, but includes the strong herbal liqueur Chartreuse (that I honestly don’t know what tastes like, it could it is perfect for my tastes – it is not available here like so much else)

    Corpse Reviver? A simple gin sour? Something for those of us that enjoy gin and citrus but not Campari and vermouth? Only my opinion. It could be I am in the minority here.

  2. jellydonut says:

    Or.. wait.. did I read that wrong or is that just *what you had* in the evening?

    Never mind me. I just need new mk1 eye balls, and maybe a side saddle stomach. :p

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