Ginger’s Bar at The Asquith

Ginger’s bar is a new venue located in the heart of the Birmingham city centre business district, which comes together with the rebirth of The Asquith. The initial Asquith was in the suburbs but closed after troubles with the landlord

Glynn Purnell, owner of the Purnell’s just around the corner has brought to the city a bar that aims high. Though whilst being located near to his previous venture, it is also in a slightly odd location for a bar.


Being the city business district it’s not the place that instantly strikes as a cocktail venue. The drinks list however is striving for greatness, it’s a short list but carefully put together by Chris Hoy who won the Chase Vodka national bartender competition this year.

Whilst visiting on a Friday night it was clear to see that most of the people around we’re just after an end of week drink. Which meant a lot of lager, wine and for the adventurous a cocktail or too.

The drinks tasted showed classic inspiration with little touches coming from the kitchen as well with homemade syrups and infusions being used throughout the menu.


Decor wise Gingers inherits a similar layout to the old MUST bar that proceeded it, which means that the expansive layout is lacking seating and appropriate standing areas. With time the bar will no doubt adjust, but don’t be surprised if you feel unsure where to locate yourself.

If you like cocktails then give gingers a visit, I just hope that they can prove that the cocktail concept can work well in this area. Otherwise the list of crafted cocktails is likely to be put to the side to make way for more continental lagers, ales and wines which would be a great shame.

I look forward to dining at the Asquith as together with Ginger’s it has a lot of potential to be a destination dinner and drinks spot.


  1. Jen says:

    Their scorched lemon and vanilla margarita is one of the best drinks I’ve tasted this year. I really hope that they get a real cocktail buzz going in the business district – these drinks are too good not to be drunk!

  2. Nice review, I am already a big fan of Ginger’s and truly subscribe to Chris’s vision. You can read my review of Ginger’s Bar here…!places …which includes a detailed account of the drinks that I tried on my visit. Take care and keep writing!

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