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the Hawksmoor cocktail menu

1 September 2010 No Comment
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Hawksmoor SteakWe have a little penchant for cocktails, as well as fine food.

When you go to Hawksmoor you get the best of both. Great steaks, and great cocktails. It comes as no surprise that Hawksmoor was voted the best restaurant bar in the country.

Over time, due to their success as a great restaurant the bar has become more encroached and now there are only 8 stools to perch upon with your cocktail. So if you do pop by, try and grab a seat and chat to the knowledgeable bartenders, or just hit up a table and order a 1.6kg or 1.2kg steak.

Hawksmoor Mini PeopleWith the arrival of the new Hawksmoor (Seven Dials) venue there will be a 50 person capacity bar. Plenty of space to enjoy a cocktail, without a steak.

As if getting a new venue ready for the steak craving masses is not stressful enough, they are in the process of designing a new cocktail menu.
Will gives a summary of what is occurring over on the Hawksmoor Blog:

Many of the old favourites are still there – the juleps, the aromatic cocktails, the sours, daisies and fizzes etc. – but not there’s much more.

Anti-fogmatics, tweaked tiki drinks, a history of the world in 10 cocktails, and new punches all make an appearance, but I’m most excited about our celebration of the Edwardian habit of taking Bridging Drinks of an afternoon.

Hawksmoor Tiki SummerA cheeky request later, and I’m looking at the draft of the new cocktail menu, and Will is right. Whilst some old favourites are still on the menu, they have gone and added quite a number of exciting looking drinks.

The anti-fogmatics in particular have caught my eye, making reference to Harry Craddock, a man with a desire to create an effective hangover cure; which would be something that would be suitable to be drunk “before 11am, or whenever steam and energy are needed”. Is surely a place after my own heart!

So keep an eye out for the launch of the menu, I’ll be sure to try and attend and report back! New cocktails to try after all. I’ve not mentioned the cocktail I want to try first, but I will leave you with this:

Hint: There’s a little place just out of town.

Will, you should be proud of Pete and the rest of the team. They have done you well.

Photos from Hawksmoor’s daily picture set.

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