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Review: The Bar at The Dorchester, Mayfair, London

22 July 2010 10 Comments
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The Bar at The Dorchester, Mayfair, London

The Dorchester I’m not what you would call new money, nor old money, but I couldn’t help think as I walked past The Dorchester that I should pop in and sample a drink at their bar. I’ve heard a lot of nice things about the place, and thought why not.

Perhaps, in retrospect I should have thought a bit harder; after all this is: A) Mayfair, B) Posh Hotel and C) Hotel Prices.

I’ll get to that later though, after walking into the hotel you realise that this is most definitely not a Travelodge, a Hilton or a Marriott. It’s much more grand, sophisticated and hinting at what is to come. Just pretend you do this all the time and turn into the bar, aptly named ‘The Bar’. Within is a very relaxed atmosphere, where I was greeted and taken to a seat at the bar.

Negroni At The DorchesterThe cocktail menu is extensive, with an assortment of enticing concotions, yet after a day of tasting a lot of different drinks I wanted something simple and refreshing. It was time to order a Negroni, a thrown Negroni.

On asking the bartenders face instantly lit up, a ‘of course sir’ was uttered and he set to work. The drink was expertly made, and served in a fabulous heavyweight glass, that I would have loved to have taken with me (See reasons A,B,C).

Looking elsewhere on the menu, they have had their own Old Tom made to a traditional 17C recipe up in Scotland, nice to see a bar doing something a little bit different.

Spotting the time, and my stomachs hunger, I needed to move on and so refrained from ordering another drink. I’d usually not write about a place if I only had one drink – I’m breaking this rule for a reason.

The bill came, and I gasped slightly; TWENTY ONE POUNDS! It was made with Tanqueray 10, yet this was certainly the most expensive cocktail I’ve ever had.

There is only one way I’d be ‘happy’ with that price. Let me take the glass. Please.

So, if you fancy a nice drink, and are walking past the Dorchester then be prepared to either A) Mortgage your house, B) Schmooze a guest or C) feign a heart attack.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Staff: 8/10
Price: 4/10
Drinks: 8/10
Overall 5.6/10

Location: Parklane, Mayfair, London
Website: The Bar at The Dorchester

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The Dorchester Picture from Uggboy’s Photostream

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  • Siany said:


    It’s not even a particularly nice bar. It’s no Rules, that’s for sure.

  • Neil (author) said:

    It’s a nice bar, but yes a very different feeling to Rules. Rules is intimate, opulent and very British. Whereas The Dorchester bar feels a bit more ’stylish’ and attractive to their visitors.

  • Siany said:

    Do you think? Maybe we’re thinking of a different bar within there? The one I remember was very British and classic – hence the comparison. Still, there’s about A MILLION restaurants in the place, so maybe there’s more bars too.

    I still only remember paying £10 for a mimosa in the one bar at the front though…

  • Neil (author) said:

    Sure it was a mimosa, or did they serve you a buck fizz!

    Either way, style wise ‘The Bar’ is interesting, maybe it’s time to go ‘food blogger’ style and start taking pictures more ‘openly’.

  • Siany said:

    Can you imagine how feisty I get when someone serves me a bucks fizz instead?

  • Neil (author) said:

    I could imagine!

    On a plus note, The Dorchester have sent me a gift.

  • Siany said:

    Not the glass? I want one!

  • Pete Williams said:

    Neil, you guys must have got a proper payrise, £21!! .. maybe I should have stayed!!

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