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Review: Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham

16 August 2010 No Comment
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Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham

Hotel du Vin BirminghamHotel bars are always a classic destination for people seeking cocktails, for some reason they always [usually] serve to a high standard. Now, a hotel known for wine, will it be any good for cocktails?

On entering the hotel, you are greeted by an ornate hallway and you need to head to the left into the ‘The Bubble Lounge’. You heard me right, a bubble bar:

Offering over 50 Champagnes, ‘The Bubble Lounge’ is flamboyantly decorated in the style of Venice’s Café Florin. Enjoy one of our many wines or Champagnes available by the glass, or a cocktail from the menu.

It was the latter that I was after, the cocktail menu is apparently being redesigned but it ranges from classic champagne cocktails through to more modern interpretations.
Saffron White Lady - Hotel du Vin
Unsure of what to go for I was guided by the bartender towards a Saffron Gin Martini, which was garnished with a star anise. A rather nice touch, of something that’s not yet on the menu but apparently may be coming in the future.

What I did like was the fact they also have a small a G&T menu. An actual menu of Gin and Tonics, with tasting notes to help guide you towards a combination you might like. Something like this is a nice touch, and I’ve always thought that when you ask for a Gin & Tonic, you should be asked about what Tonic you want, as well as the Gin! For that alone, I’m impressed.

When it comes to service, the word attentive is apt. Whether you are after wine or cocktails. Just sit down on the leather sofas, make your order, let it be delivered and gossip away with your friends. Some olives and nuts may appear for you to have a little nibble on too.

Now, if for some reason you prefer wine to cocktails, then you will be glad to hear (and no doubt not surprised) that the wine selection by the bottle, or glass is great. I cannot profess to knowing a lot about wine, but I know nice wine (or champagne) and it is indeed available!

Overall, it’s great to see that Hotel du Vin can do cocktails as well as wine. They have an extremly well stocked bar and a team with a vision that are delivering to a high standard. This is one place I will be keeping my eye on.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Staff: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Drinks: 8/10
Overall 8/10

Location: 25 Church St, Birmingham
Website: Hotel du Vin

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