London Cocktail Society – Inaugural Meet

Last week the London Cocktail Society held their first meeting, so whats the lowdown?

69 Colebrooke Row - Lab1What happens when cocktails meet science? That’s something that is happening at 69 Colebrooke Row, and even though the bar may appear to be akin to any others (but serving great drinks). The upstairs is where the owner, Tony Congilarino, has his own lab to help devise and create items for his drinks.

The lab is not usually open for visitors, but Tony allowed members of the London Cocktail Society to pay a visit earlier this week. For those who attended, they were granted an insight into a different approach towards drink making as well as some interesting flavours and equipment within the lab.

If you’ve even be to 69 Colebooke Row, you can appreciate that space is at a premium. When you enter the lab you realise that its certainly not designed for anyone too tall, with such a very low ceiling. You take a look around and can spot counters and shelfs stacked to the brim with interesting looking bottles and equipments.

69 Colebrooke Row - Lab2Tony talked us through the array of equipment including induction hobs (for syrups), rotavapours (for re-distillation), and allowed us to taste and smell some of the things he had created or obtained. After the lab tour we got a chance to try the homemade horseradish vodka, which my notes say was fiery on the nose, peppery on the palate and had a long lasting warmth to it. In a soothing way, rather than a ‘blow your mind’ way.

All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 69 Colebrooke Row - Spitfire


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