The Home Bar – A Stock Take

Ever opened your spirits cabinet only to find a lack of what you wanted? Or is everyone else just rather organised? My home bar has had some very good times. It seems, too good of a time. It got rather abused, and never replenished.

Cold MartiniThere was the time that I went to make my self a G&T and I had no tonic. The Negroni, with no Campari/Aperol. The only suitable phrase to describe the state it was in, would be ‘utter shambles’.

At one point, I almost ran out of Gin. Utter shambles indeed.

Over the last week, I was lucky enough to be flying through Heathrow Terminal 5. I stopped off at ‘Bar No. 5′, for a quick Zacapa based cocktail. It was then I realised that my Diplomatico was running low. Perhaps the dire situation of my cabinet could be rectified, with a few tactical purchases that I could improve the situation.

As of the end of August, this is what is left in the cabinet. There are obviously quite a lot of holes that need fixing!

Bols Genever
Bombay Sapphire *
Ron Zacapa
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva


Russian Standard
Stoli Elite
Chase Raspberry Liquer


Martini Rosata Vermouth
Angostura Bitters
Fevertree Tonic
Soda Water
Ginger Ale

As you can see some big gaps in what I would call essential items for the bar. I’ll update on the progress, and what additions are made over the next few months. Hint: Some Rye, Bourbon, Aperol, etc!

* – This was a gift. Honest!
Do you have a suggestion for something I need? What essential am I missing? Let me know below.

Photo from OpenEyes‘s Photosteam.


  1. Neil says:

    Additions so far required:

    Maraschino Liquer
    Nice Tequila
    Nice Cognac
    Nice Whisky

  2. Neil says:
  3. Andy says:

    My own personal bar has:

    1 x Canadian Club Whiskey
    1 x Jack Daniels Whiskey
    1 x Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey
    1 x Virgin Vodka (it was free)
    1 x Obertin Pays D’Auge Calvados VSOP
    1 x Otard Cognac XO Gold
    1 x Galliano
    1 x Chianti

    Most of which, apart from the Otard, are sadly more empty than full.

    In addition, the household ‘bar’ has about 36 bottles of spirits and liqueurs, some of which appear to be as old as me! They include:

    Various brandies, cognacs and armagnacs, various ports and sherries, various whiskys, various rums, a couple of martinis, a couple of gins, cremes de banane, cassis and cacao, triple secs, peppermint alcoholic cordial, advocaat, campari and marsala.

    We would normally have Bailey’s and limocello both of which tend to be staples here. We’re also missing a decent gin (but no one in the household really drinks gin *gasp*!) and a decent vodka.

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