Salmon Vodka, Bacon Vodka, Fried Chicken Vodka

Let this madness end, I love Salmon, I love Bacon, I also love Fried Chicken.

Though do I really need to have Salmon Vodka, or how about Bacon Vodka? [OK I jest about the Fried Chicken Vodka]

Is this more a quirky marketing angle, than trying to offer a real experience. Surely these products can’t reach a critical mass? Can they?
Bacon Vodka


  1. Forest says:

    ha ha…you might jest about the fried chicken vodka, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up one of these days!

    I can see other spirits infused with bacon…but really the bacon vodka sounds yuck to me…i’m not sure what else you would mix with it. And, I’m even a proponent of savory cocktails!

    Now the salmon vodka really does sound utterly disgusting to me. But, I dunno, maybe ice cold shots with some Russian caviar?? No…i can’t really think of anything that would make that drinking material for me.


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