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Absinthe, learning to appreciate and respect it

12 January 2011 2 Comments
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Absinthe, is one of those spirits that people will likely put into the ‘Tequila’ category. That being something they’ve not treated ‘properly’, and likely by having a shot or just never appreciated it like it was meant to be.

For me I think the first experience of Absinthe was in Prague, back in 2007, I only remember it well due to the fact it wasn’t enjoyable.  Don’t do what I did, and head out midweek into Prague and go to ‘Bombay’ where you and some colleagues have a shot of Absinthe.

Just that one experience put me off it for quite a while, and it was with trepidation that I went to an Absinthe tasting hosted by Alan Moss last year.  After all, could I really be persuaded that Absinthe is anything more than just a ‘historic Aftershock’ (I certainly have bad memories of that product!).

At the moment I’m writing this sat in my hotel, in Prague, drinking Absinthe.  Obviously Alan had worked his magic and I came to realise that perhaps this spirit could be loved again.  After all, I’ve tasted it in many a cocktail, where the glass has had an absinthe rinse (in a Sazerac etc), or  more recently a love of absinthe in my Zombie.

Absinthe HerbsOn that evening with Alan, and fellow cocktail friends, at Purl it was obvious that perhaps I was wrong to avoid Absinthe for so long in the first place.  We were there to taste absinthes by La Clandestine, and Butterfly (I’ll write about these more in the future).  For me being able to taste the Absinthe, not as a shot, but as a longer drink and as the base spirit in cocktails was my epiphany.

Rather than being ’scared’ of Absinthe, I’ve come to appreciate it and the lovely flavours (think fennel, anis, and peppermint amongst others).

So whilst I may be a ‘Gin Man’, and it’s certainly the largest proprotion of my spirit cabinet, I’m looking forward to trying more Absinthes, and different styles.  As well as sharing my exploration through the Absinthe world with the rest of you!

Do you like Absinthe, or is it a marmite spirit? Let me know your thoughts below!

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