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I’m Neil, and this is my home to talk about cocktails, spirits, and places where the two combine.  I’ll be focussing on Cocktails in Birmingham – a scene that I think is lacking.

There are some good bars, and bartenders out there so may as well let the world know.  Of course, London and other world cities will no doubt be encountered along the way.

It must be said, I’m not in the business, I’m just a simple guy who likes a nice drink.  I’m sorry but a Woo Woo really doesn’t do it for me, a Dry Gin Martini on the other hand is going to appeal a lot more.

Spirit wise Gin was a great discovery, gone are the bad memories from university.  The discovery of Gin outside of the world of Gordons was the kicker.

I started http://drinks.yetanothergin.co.uk back in July 2009, it has tracked some of the Gin that I end up drinking, and the variety and places it ends up being consumed.

Though there is only so long that you can take pictures, I want to get the word out that Cocktails and spirits are good.  Just try to be responsible, at least some of the time!


  1. Helen says:

    what a great hobby … but could you spend some time in Lincoln as the one ‘destination’ cocktail bar, Room, is well and truly rubbish. I asked for a Collins, was met with blank looks, I told them it was on their online menu, so they asked me if I know how to make it …. not impressed! And their Cosmopolitan (I know, not gin, but my reliable test of any cocktail barman) was also sub-standard. And the decor is rubbish too. Phew – Rant over! Good luck with the relaunch :o )

  2. Neil says:


    If we are ever in Lincoln we’ll drop by Room.

    Never impressed when ‘simple’ cocktails can’t be made. Never mind if it’s Gin or anything else. Had awful trouble getting a decent Sazerac lately.

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