Birmingham Selfridges – Cocktail Week

Selfridges Cocktail Week 2010

Selfridges in London are one of the host venues for London Cocktail Week, but it doesn’t stop Birmingham from getting in on the action. Each day a different spirit will become the focus of demonstrations carried out by a selection of the UK’s best mixologists. Simply head to the Wine & Spirits Shop between the [...]

The Home Bar – A Stock Take

Cold Martini

Ever opened your spirits cabinet only to find a lack of what you wanted? Or is everyone else just rather organised? My home bar has had some very good times. It seems, too good of a time. It got rather abused, and never replenished. There was the time that I went to make my self [...]

Crystal Clear Ice Block : Alpha 0.1

Ice Block 0.1 End

Often, I get ice envy. That’s correct. I’m envious of ice. Why? Many bars now have crystal clear ice cubes, or even whole blocks. Though at home, those ice cubes we make in the little plastic trays are often very cloudy. So I set out to make my own block of clear ice. Making Crystal [...]

Nice Things: A Hendrick’s Notebook & Other Bits

Hendricks Notebook

Yesterday was a good day for ‘free things’, not only did I get sent a set of glasses from The Dorchester (more on that later) I also received something from the lovely curious folks at Hendrick’s. It caught me slightly off guard, wondering how the fine fellows had managed to obtain my actual address. Were those cucumber wielding children of mother’s ruin spying upon me?

Occasions: The Spirits of the Mal

Malmaison This Could Get Messy

Malmaison, the upmarket hotel chain with 12 properties around the UK are having a little ‘spirits’ evening around the country. So, if you like Gin and Whisky you might want to checkout The Spirits of the Mal events happening around the country. Joanne Moore from Greenall’s will be leading the Gin side of things, and [...]

Trivia: A tidbit from Chase

From Chase: It takes us 4 days to produce 1 batch of chase Vodka . 5 to make the gin .

Salmon Vodka, Bacon Vodka, Fried Chicken Vodka

Salmon Vodka

Let this madness end, I love Salmon, I love Bacon, I also love Fried Chicken. Though do I really need to have Salmon Vodka, or how about Bacon Vodka? [OK I jest about the Fried Chicken Vodka] Is this more a quirky marketing angle, than trying to offer a real experience. Surely these products can’t [...]

World Gin Day – Over For Another Year


What can I say, on our second yearly day of appreciation for Gin, otherwise known as World Gin Day, we had a terrific response.

Drink: The Puritan at Hawksmoor London

World Gin Day – 12 June 2010

Martini Gin Cocktail

A while ago, or more precisely over a year ago, when YetAnotherGin was just setup we decided to declare a day World Gin Day.

There was no reason, we just happen to like Gin, we know others do, so we thought we could cajole our fellow Gin loving comrades into having a bit of a tipple.