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The London Cocktail Society Christmas Party at Callooh Callay

8 December 2010 No Comment
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IMG_1003The second week of December, and the Christmas party season is upon us. On Monday 6th I attended a Christmas Party, one that I was looking forward to attending. I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with undercooked spuds, a dry turkey and a harsh red wine. Instead, the London Cocktail Society were hosting their first party at Callooh Callay.

A slight issue was that the party was on a Monday, and in London. Luckily this coincided with a business trip to London, and so a plan was hatched. Upon entering Callooh Callay the first thing I noticed was that the air was rich with the smell of mulled wine, served in lovely dainty teacups – certainly a good start to the evening.IMG_1005

Over the next few hours I paid a visit to Andrea in the JubJub for a drink from the ‘no menu’, where you can choose your mood, spirit, style etc – feeling brave I went for the ‘Wildcard’ option which was great. Involving cornflakes, berries and nutmeg – think of it as almost an alcoholic breakfast!

This then lead on to the ‘Ready, Steady, Shake’ competition, where myself and two team members were given a random box of ingredients and asked to come up with a drink. Ours involved raspberries, passionfruit and pineapple, served in a half pint tankard full of crushed ice lengthened with ginger beer. It tasted Ok, but some stars came out in the later rounds. As well as some more random ingredients, including cat food!
Overall it was a fabulous night, the whole Callooh Callay team excelled themselves, alongside the LCS organisers: Katie (@LondonCocktail), Emma (@GinMonkeyUK) and Mark (@TheCocktailGeek).

Also it was good to meet/see (in no particular order), HendricksGinUK, Distillnation, CocktailLovers, Theaka, Noodlefish, AlexKammerling, Cowfish, BourbonBaboon, SummerFruitCup, Jezmd, ___ellie, Di9it8

Pictures from TheCocktailGeek’s Flickr

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