Posh Drinking: The Martini Crawl

Martini At Hix (By Laissez Fare)It’s currently a rather bright, if drizzly, Saturday afternoon and I’m wishing I was out and about. Instead, after a trip to London I’m having a rather relaxing day. Though if I was in London, I think I’d like to do a Martini Crawl.

Imagine a pub crawl, the circle line crawl, but a tad more sophisticated. I’ve been to quite a few nice places this week, but if I was around on a weekend I think I’d have to follow in the footsteps of fellow drink and food bloggers who undertook the ardious task of a Walking High Class Martini Tour.

Their plan included Bob Bob Ricard,  Quo Vadis’, the downstairs bar at HIX Soho, the upstairs bar at Rules, the civilized seats at Dukes Bar and finishing at The Bar at The Connaught.

It’s a great read, and one that I’m envious of as Dukes and The Bar at The Connaught are still on my ‘to visit’ list.

Head over to Laissez Fare to see some more pictures, and a great tale.  I’m not sure how much the damage was.  I’m sure it was worth it though!

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