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Review: Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, Soho

26 March 2011 One Comment
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Soho is a place for many things, and Rupert Street has a lot to offer. If you aren’t careful you will certainly end up with something more than a nice set of dishes and a classic cocktail.

Walking down Rupert Street I admired the XXX DVD shop to the left of me, and then spotted my destination dimly lit and with no sign. Hoping I was about to enter a restaurant, and not somewhere more sordid.


Whilst Spuntino is first and foremost a restuarant, it has a classic cocktail list and the perfect acommpaniments to the american-italian menu. The food is all a mixture of small and large plates and the visits so far I’ve taken in the ‘sliders‘ which are small brioche buns with different fillings (salt beef, lamb, mince and bone marrow and mackerel), steak and eggs and delicious eggplant fries (and a lot more, but otherwise I’ll bore you!). Though I’ll let people like Chris, from Cheese & Biscuits and Niamh, from Eat like a girl take you through the food on offer.

The seating is focussed around the bar, and there is only one table for 6 to the side. So whilst at the bar you get to admire the large Bourbon selection, or take in a cocktail or two. Wine is of course available, but I’m more of the spirited type.

On the list you’ll find the Campari based cocktails well known in the sister restaurants (Polpo, and Polpett), so a Negroni and Americano. Also on offer is a Jerry Thomas Manhatten, a Sazerac that is mixed in a large teapot and served in a pewter glass. There’s an Orange Blossom and I’ll let you visit to see the rest of the list.

This is not a place that will be serving up new and ‘modern’ cocktails, but instead it has a nice small list that goes with the vibe of the place. It’s only been open for little over two weeks, and I’ve already visited it three times. It’s definitely one of the gems of soho.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Staff: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Drinks: 8/10
Overall 8/10

Location: Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D7PW
Website: Spuntino

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