Carte Blanche Cocktail – The new James Bond Cocktail

Carte Blanche Cocktail - James Bond

Avid Bond readers will no doubt be aware that the latest in the series has been published, Carte Blanche written by Jeffery Deaver has the inclusion of a new cocktail.

At the looks of this, I don’t think the Carte Blanche cocktail is going to be as famous as The Vesper, but it’s worth a go.

Winter Cocktails – Purl

Hendricks Purl

The snow has started to arrive, the gloveless fingers are being frozen. It’s time to realise that it’s not getting any warmer. So why not look at cocktails suitable for winter, I’ve mentioned the Hot Apple Gin with Beefeater Winter but how about something with a bit more depth. The Purl.

Beefeater Winter Gin – The Taste Test

Beefeater Winter Hot Apple Gin

Earlier in this year I mentioned about Beefeater Winter Gin, and since then I’ve been lucky to get my hands on a bottle.  If you weren’t aware Beefeater made a Summer Gin, earlier this year.  So it made sense to have something aimed for the winter market. It has been developed by Beefeater’s master distiller [...]


Dash of Boker’s bitters
2 dashes of maraschino
12.5ml Old Tom gin
50ml Italian vermouth
1/4 lemon slice

Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake for a few seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass.

The hottest cocktails in London?

Anise Spiced Martini

Channel4 Food have come up with a list of drinks and places – The Top 10 Hottest Cocktails in London

Including the Anise Spiced Martini, Russian Rose Martini and Cucumber Cooler.


Negroni, Rules, London

Now, if you ever fancy a refreshing summer drink you really should consider a Negroni.

To make a Negroni, you’ll need

  • 50ml sweet vermouth
  • 50ml gin
  • 50ml Campari (or Aperol)
  • Orange slice for garnish.