Mishkin’s, 25 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2


Living the life of a traveller is hard, after all I’m always living out of a suitcase and in a life of hotel solitude. Luckily there are some benefits, which include the perks of expenses and the ability to eat out and drink at good places. Doing my expenses the other week I realised I’d [...]

Smoak Grill and Ember Bar, Manchester Malmaison

Josper at Smoak Grill

When I told people I was off for my first proper visit to Manchester they were aghast that I’d never been before. Sure I might live in Birmingham and have a job that means I’m always travelling but somehow things never conspired to take me there. We were heading off to visit Smoak bar and [...]

Ginger’s Bar at The Asquith


Ginger’s bar is a new venue located in the heart of the Birmingham city centre business district, which comes together with the rebirth of The Asquith. The initial Asquith was in the suburbs but closed after troubles with the landlord Glynn Purnell, owner of the Purnell’s just around the corner has brought to the city [...]

Review: Polpo Campari Bar, Beak St, London

It’s been about a month since the Polpo Campari Bar has opened, and I thought it best to provide an update. The bar opened on February 8th and is situated in what used to be the old private dining room. If you are familiar with Polpo, this means that it’s downstairs; before you can get [...]

#MEATEASY, New Cross, London

This is a guest post by Jessica Elvidge Despite only being just into its seventh week of opening, word of the #meateasy has got around. Everywhere. In fact, it had barely seen through two weeks before it became the hottest place in town. Down in New Cross, each night, a queue of eager meat-eaters and [...]

The Evolution of Gin, at The Kenilworth


A little tweet caught my attention earlier this month, it was from Rob Wood (InRobWeTrust) and mentioned that I might be interested in a night about ‘The Evolution of Gin’. Lots of events and other bits get mentioned to me, though this was an event I thought to be good to attend. That’s partly down [...]

Review: Frank’s Campari Bar, 10th Floor, Peckham Multi-Story Carpark, London

Franks Campari Bar Area

A pop-up art project café on the top of the Peckham Multiplex – ten floors up in a disused car park – serving up lashings of bitter orange Campari cocktails on wooden benches underneath a tarpaulin looking out across the whole of London. As concepts go, it’s difficult to top, even in this saturated city.

Review: Purl, Marylebone, London

Purl - Negroni

We paid a visit to Purl, London the other weeks. Take a look at the review of Purl.
The venue itself feels cosy, when you walk in you might just assume it’s a tiny bar, with just two seats at the bar and a few comfy chairs. Yet go explore and you’ll find hidden away snugs, a piano, old curiosites and posters and bookshelf wallpaper.

Review: Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham

Hotel du Vin Birmingham

Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham Hotel bars are always a classic destination for people seeking cocktails, for some reason they always [usually] serve to a high standard. Now, a hotel known for wine, will it be any good for cocktails? On entering the hotel, you are greeted by an ornate hallway and you need [...]

Review: BANK, Brindley Place, Birmingham

Bank Restaurant Birmingham Front

Bank is one of the finer restaurants that exist within Brindley Place (Birmingham), it is only a stone throw away from your All Bar One, Cafe Rouge and such. Yet it delivers a totally different experience, both in the food the serve (some delightful prix fixe menus) and the range of cocktails their bar ofers.

This is a great place for a pre, and post dinner cocktail. The atmosphere is very relaxed, though from my experience they don’t offer table service (well, unless you are dining)! Also with Brindley Place being a sun trap, you can wile away the afternoon here.