Mishkin’s, 25 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2


Living the life of a traveller is hard, after all I’m always living out of a suitcase and in a life of hotel solitude. Luckily there are some benefits, which include the perks of expenses and the ability to eat out and drink at good places. Doing my expenses the other week I realised I’d [...]

Smoak Grill and Ember Bar, Manchester Malmaison

Josper at Smoak Grill

When I told people I was off for my first proper visit to Manchester they were aghast that I’d never been before. Sure I might live in Birmingham and have a job that means I’m always travelling but somehow things never conspired to take me there. We were heading off to visit Smoak bar and [...]

Ginger’s Bar at The Asquith


Ginger’s bar is a new venue located in the heart of the Birmingham city centre business district, which comes together with the rebirth of The Asquith. The initial Asquith was in the suburbs but closed after troubles with the landlord Glynn Purnell, owner of the Purnell’s just around the corner has brought to the city [...]

Bulldog London Dry Gin

Bulldog Gin

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70cl / 40%

Bulldog is a gin that is trying to make a statement. The bottle is dominating and brash, Bulldog is a brand name that evokes Britishness, and the marketing materials are fond of the union flag. It seems to have in some ways been created for the American market, the bottle is designed for their requirements, and the British version has some labels over the top of the glass etching which makes it seem a bit at odds to it’s premium design look.

YAG Tasting #2 – Premium Gins

YetAnotherGin Tasting #2

Recently the second YetAnotherGin tasting took place, details of the first, this time the focus was on premium gins. As before this was a blind tasting, the people who came to taste had no idea which gin was which, all they knew is that the gin was likely to be on the table shown above. [...]

Review: Polpo Campari Bar, Beak St, London

It’s been about a month since the Polpo Campari Bar has opened, and I thought it best to provide an update. The bar opened on February 8th and is situated in what used to be the old private dining room. If you are familiar with Polpo, this means that it’s downstairs; before you can get [...]

#MEATEASY, New Cross, London

This is a guest post by Jessica Elvidge Despite only being just into its seventh week of opening, word of the #meateasy has got around. Everywhere. In fact, it had barely seen through two weeks before it became the hottest place in town. Down in New Cross, each night, a queue of eager meat-eaters and [...]

Jensen’s Old Tom Gin

Jensen Logo

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70cl / 43%

This Old Tom is a product from Christian Jensen, who originally set out to recreate a traditional style of London Dry gin. He had through his work abroad in Japan had the opportunity to taste a range of older gins, some from the 1940’s and earlier. A challenge was set by the bartender that Christian should make his own gin in the older style, and he took a sample of an old gin to Thames Distillers.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Bruichladdich Logo

Buy The Botanist – £25
70cl / 46%

The Botanist is a limited edition gin produced by the Bruichladdich distillery based in Islay. The distillery is more well known for their whisky and they have produced what they have termed an ‘Islay Dry Gin’. It is very much a product from the isle of Islay, as they sourced 21 out of the 31 botanicals used from the island itself, including the Juniper.

Hoxton Gin


Buy Hoxton Gin – £27.25

It’s been said that Bombay Sapphire might be a suitable gin to start vodka drinkers on, as it’s light and very subtle. It appears that Hoxton Gin may have taken this one step further, with a gin that your malibu totting friends will love.