Plymouth Distillery Visit, Part I: The making of ‘Morning Tonic’ Gin

Morning Tonic Gin Botanicals

This is the first post about my trip to the Plymouth Gin Distillery, check back to see other posts about the history of Plymouth Gin & the Comparative Gin Tasting.  Recently I made my way down to Plymouth to visit the Distillery, I was off to experience the Master Distillers Tour.  The highlight of the [...]

Beefeater London Market Gin – Information & Cocktails

Beefeater Market Label

Not so long ago Beefeater only had one Gin in their portfolio then came along Beefeater Crown Jewel (discontinued), Beefeater 24 as well as the Beefeater Summer and Winter limited editions.  The latest creation by their Master Distiller Desmond Payne is Beefeater London Market. It’s a new limited edition bottling that takes the normal Beefeater botanicals, and [...]

The Montpelier Basement, Bristol

Atmosphere - MPB

Sometimes it’s good to get outside your normal comfort zone.  Whilst I’m no stranger to eating out alone, it’s a slightly different experience when you consider attending a Supperclub on your own. Note the extra P, this isn’t a superclub like a Gatecrasher (though a Superclub with a Supperclub in it would be unusual!), instead [...]