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UK Royal Navy – Black Tot Rum – The Rum Ration Rum!

8 August 2010 No Comment
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Black Tot Last Consignment Royal Naval RumWe stumbled upon someone mentioning that the last Rum ration stock was being sold off.

It’s well known that Rum, and the Royal Navy go hand in hand.  I can remember school trips to see ships, and being told about the rum ration (but being a schoolboy, I didn’t know much about Rum).  I wasn’t aware until the other day, but back in 1970 that ration allowance stopped.

Though there were still stocks of Rum, owned by the Navy and brought out for special occasions (State events, royal weddings etc).  Now it appears some budding entrepreneurs and no doubt rum lovers have purchased this last stock and bottled it up.

It’s called ‘Black Tot’, and unfortunately costs a staggering £600.  It can be found at The Whiskey Exchange.

It looks nice, but unless someone wants to offer me a taste, or buy me a bottle I’m not going to be having this in my spirits cupboard.

Some further information I found about why it’s called ‘Black Tot’:

… The name ‘Black Tot’ stems from July 31st 1970 when a 300 year-old Royal Naval tradition ended at precisely 6 bells in the forenoon watch (11am) when the last rum ration was issued aboard ships of the British Royal Navy – a day to be forever remembered as Black Tot Day. Forty years on and, as a mark of respect to this wonderful tradition, Speciality Drinks have decided to release the last remaining Royal Naval rum stocks from 1970. This last consignment of the original rum has been bottled from the original imperial gallon stone flagons into which it has been filled and sealed under HM Customs & Excise supervision in December 1970.

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