The Martini Sessions – Plymouth & Graphic Bar

Iced Plymouth GinPlymouth Gin Martini Sessions at Graphic Bar
Monday 29th November 2010, 6pm – 9pm

It’s well know that Graphic Bar is a place to go if you are interested in Gin, and they always have some great sessions as part of their Juniper Society.

Coming up soon there is the opportunity for the perfect Martini tutorial, this festive season impress guests by learning to make the ultimate martini. As part of the Juniper Society’s monthly gin club, Plymouth Gin will be hosting a martini masterclass on 29th November from 6pm.

With a cocktail on arrival, you will be able to taste a selection of fruit based martinis before attending two sessions – one to learn all about the martini (its history, what exactly goes into the famous cocktail [Ed: Gin?] and most importantly, how to do it at home…) and then a short gin tasting with the Plymouth gin brand ambassador.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of gin and also be martini connoisseurs – an excellent way to prepare for the Christmas parties. Do consider signing up to the Juniper Society to keep upto date with other events.

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