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IWSC 2010 – Gin Winners – Aldi Gin!

30 July 2010 One Comment
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Gin, my one true love. OK I do like Rum, but Gin has always played a special part in my life. Therefore I take great excitement when I see lists of Gins and what people think of them.

The International Wine & Spirits competition, for 2010, have released their results. The surprise entry at the top (which won the Gin&Vodka Association Trophy) is a Gin called ‘Oliver Cromwell 1599 Premium Gin’ which is out in October, and made by Aldi. That’s correct Gin by ALDI. Yes, the supermarket.

Oliver Cromwell 1599 Premium Gin Tasting Notes:

Colourless. Big, beautiful nose packed with distinct, clean juniper. Good support from the traditional aroma. Big, rich, full mouth with all the flavours from the nose with juniper definitely in charge. Wonderful aromatics in big, bright finish. A classic London Dry gin

This was top of the Gold medals, alongside some other nice Gins. Checkout the full Gin table at IWSC to see how some other well known brands fared. The good news, this gin is meant to retail at £10 too!

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