Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage of Curiosities at London Cocktail Week

Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of CuriositiesThose folks at Hendrick’s have decided to decamp to London Cocktail Week for the um, week.  They appear to be having some amazing events planned, which all have rather adjective filled titles.

I’m in attendance for part of the week and shall hopefully be attending the Anthology of Gin, along with a Hendrick’s & Tonic to revive me one afternoon no doubt!

The full list of the events they are hosting are below, tickets where needed can be purchased at http://www.londoncocktailweek.com

  • The HENDRICK’S Sublimely Absurd Coercion of Infrequently Used Taste buds and Disbelieving Retinas: At night, the HENDRICK’S HORSELESS CARRIAGE turns into a marvellously quaint dining car. Guest bartenders from leading establishments throughout London will be creating bespoke cocktails to accompany each course of a mind bending dinner created by gastronomic architects Bompas & Parr.  12-15 October, 19.30-22.30 (tickets £100 – limited to nine per evening)
  • The Quintessential Anthology of Gin…and HENDRICK’S in Particular: Class Magazine’s Ambassador of the Year, Louis Lewis-Smith will be enlightening gin aficionados and novices alike about the history of gin distilling and cocktails.  For the first time, drinkers will be able to taste the constituent distillates fromHENDRICK’S unique two still process before and after the addition of its infusions of cucumber and rose petals essences.   12 – 15 October, 15.00-16.15 (tickets £8 – limited to ten per session)
  • The HENDRICK’S Horseless Carriage of Curiosities: Visitors to the carriage throughout the week will be invited to contribute a most unusual libation-inspired story to the carriage’s ever evolving collection of curious ‘cocktales’. Participants will be rewarded for such endeavours with a refreshing HENDRICK’S & Tonic – 12-15 October, from 12-14.30 & 16.30-18.30 (free to all, inc non-LCW members)
  • The HENDRICK’S Bartender Croquet 2010 – The Champion’s Cup: Genteel spirits, fair play and cucumber sandwiches all round at the most anticipated bartending event of the year. – 16 October (Competitor entry is by invitation only but spectators are most welcome)

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