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Distillery Tours: Beefeater open up for London Open City

24 August 2010 3 Comments
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Beefeater Distillery, LondonOver here in the HQ, we love Gin. We love the fact that by taking a few botanicals, and by doing some magic that you end up with a delightful Gin. I’m sure it’s a tad more complex than that, and it’s nice to see Distilleries opening up to enlighten the interested about the finer points of the art, the brand history and of course the magic.

Beefeater are opening up as part of the Open City weekend (18th, 19th September), though it appears they are fully booked and that there is an email wait list. So might be worth getting your name on it, just in case a space becomes available. If you are going I hear that there may even be a free G&T involved!

Even if you can’t get in, it does sound like a nice distillery:

The distillery itself is housed in a former Edwardian pickle factory that was built in 1903 and originally operated by Haywards. It was expanded in 1909 and 1967 – just after Beefeater moved in during the late 1950s – with a contemporary extension to keep gin production in London whilst also meeting growing demand for Beefeater Gin overseas. The solid copper stills date from the 1850s to the late 1960s, the most recent built in 1969 by John Dore and Co. of Bow. The building also boasts examples of classic 1950s design including the still house staircase and the gantry.

Did you manage to get a pass to visit? Let us know what it was like

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  • Emily Jones said:

    How do we get on the waiting list?


  • Neil (author) said:

    Emily, on the page linked above (http://www.londonopenhouse.org/prebook3/loh_book_1.php?b=16980), at the bottom they say:

    Also, you can add your email address to a mailing list at [email protected] and we will notify everyone on this list of available places in the final week.

    That will be your best shot.

  • William K Wallace said:

    It indeed was an interesting and informative tour, which is well worth going on. And there was complimentary G&T at the end…

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