Campari Limited Edition Art Label, by Romero Britto

The eagled eyed Negroni drinkers will have spotted that Campari have launched a new ‘art label’ for 2011 created by the Brazilian-born artist Romero Britto. This is the fourth time that Campari have changed their label for a limited edition, since when it was first changed to celebrate Campari’s 150 Year Anniversary.

Campari Romero Britto Label

Following in the footsteps of AVAF, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beacroft, Britto’s new label is an adaptation of his famous “A New Day” artwork. Britto is world renown for his colourful and bold art and the label is typical of his style and designed to inspire the sharing of both art and Campari.

As soon as Campari commissioned me to create a special label, I thought about the way the brand has reinvented itself over the years, and the intense emotion that it always transmits. I believe art is too important not to share, and with this label I wanted to show that Campari is also too important not to share.

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