A free peek around Drink Factory (Aka Tony C’s Big Lab)

Many people will be aware of Tony Conigliaro, of 69 Colebrooke Row fame (and also his bar at The Zetter Townhouse). Some may be aware that he used to have a small (and I mean small lab above his bar).  Since then he’s moved to larger premises called The Drink Factory.

It’s much larger than his old lab, with lots of interesting aromas and equipment within.  Not to mention the old and obscure bottles of spirits that he has as well.  It was a great experience to visit and now thanks to Beefeater 24 the lab is going to be opened up to the public for an afternoon.

Beefeater 24 and Tony are hosting a molecular mixology masterclass on the 3rd December (3-5PM).  The masterclass will give you an insight into the original methods and techniques behind Tony’s unique cocktails. Using Beefeater 24, Tony will create a selection of cocktails that highlight and utilise the gin’s original tea botanicals.

To attend just send an email requesting a space.

If you do visit, then it’d be great to hear about your experience.

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