A Fluid State Festival, London

A Fluid StateA Fluid State are back, and next month will transform an 8,000sqft space in central London to hold 5 main experience areas on the Friday and Saturday with a brunch session on the Sunday.

Each festival space will feature performances and installations from some of the UK’s most interesting and emerging artists, musicians and performers .  This certainly isn’t your ‘usual’ tasting event, by any means.

So, what should you expect?

The Reconciliation:
Face your nemesis in the Tequila Slammer. Confess your crimes against tequila in the interrogation room and get inked in the Mezcal Monkey Tattoo Parlour.

The Twilight Hours
Travellers making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land stop here for shelter, rest and sustenance. A voyage of enlightenment and discovery with a hidden chamber and secret supper.

Fantasy Island
A recreation of the hit 1970s film and TV series. Order a lifelong fantasy from a menu whilst trying fantastical food pairings and experiential cocktails.

The Palm, Upper East Side
Mad Men inspired cocktail bar featuring 1960′s classic cocktails with a twist. Enjoy whisky and jazz pairing by some of the UK’s most talented jazz collectives.

Garden of Eden
A magical experience centred around the idea of temptation with our own take on forbidden fruit and unique chocolate and alcohol pairings.

It all sounds rather different to some other festivals I’ve been to, and for £35 you get your ticket in,  arrival cocktail, an experience of your choosing as well as live music, theatre, performance and art in completely wild surroundings. There are also experts on hand to guide you through your gastronomical journey.

When: Friday 3rd -Sunday 5th December
Where: A secret.
Cost: £35
Info: http://afluidstate.com/

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