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Midlands Mixology – The Gin Round

25 August 2010 No Comment
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Competitions. The dread of those who aren’t conninving and deceitful, well at least when it comes to school sports day and you tripping up your competitor in the moments before that 100m sprint.

Luckily, there are some competitions which interest me a little bit more than the 100m, even if it is extremely likely that Usain Bolt will be creating a new world record. That thing, is cocktail competitions.

Lately it has seemed that some competitions that work on a ‘regional’ basis (east/west london), south west, north etc. managed to miss out that little chunk of the country situated slap bang in the middle of england. Otherwise known as the midlands (I may be pointing the finger at the 42Below World Cup or anything!).

Amen JohalPutting all of that aside, I’m glad to hear of the Midlands Mixology competitions. The Gin round (Sponsored by Chase Gin), took place at Crystal Rivers, Mailbox. Crystal Rivers is a restaurant and cocktail bar that has recently undergone a change of bar team. I’ve visited twice, and had a good evening there (review to come soon).

Though what happened this time at Midlands Mixology? On Monday 23rd August, around 10 competitors created their best Gin cocktail.
Apparently the standard was high, though one clear winner was found.

That was Amen Johal, for those who used to frequent HaHa you will no doubt recongise Amen. The fact that Amen is now behind the bar at Crystal Rivers is great, he was always the person I’d want to make my drink at HaHa, a person with a passion for drink and a love of his job.

Well done Amen. We look forward to the next Midlands Mixology event.

Picture from Nick Gilmartin

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