London Cocktail Society: Blind Gin Tasting – Results

Recently the London Cocktail Society held their first gin tasting, with the entrants being chosen from submissions received at their Christmas party, when asking about peoples favourite gin. One of the founders of the society, Mark, has informed us of how the evening went: The evening went very well, with a good turnout and some [...]

Review: Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, Soho


Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, Soho
Soho is a place for many things, and Rupert Street has a lot to offer. If you aren’t careful you will certainly end up with something more than a nice set of dishes and a classic cocktail.

Walking down Rupert Street I admired the XXX DVD shop to the left of me, and then spotted my destination dimly lit and with no sign. Hoping I was about to enter a restaurant, and not somewhere more sordid.

Are you ready for it? Today marks the start of the gin haze that will lead up to World Gin Day. If you are a drinks brand and want to get involved then get in touch. There are also going to be some chances to WIN gin! (just take a peak at It’s now [...]

Bulldog London Dry Gin

Bulldog Gin

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70cl / 40%

Bulldog is a gin that is trying to make a statement. The bottle is dominating and brash, Bulldog is a brand name that evokes Britishness, and the marketing materials are fond of the union flag. It seems to have in some ways been created for the American market, the bottle is designed for their requirements, and the British version has some labels over the top of the glass etching which makes it seem a bit at odds to it’s premium design look.

YAG Tasting #2 – Premium Gins

YetAnotherGin Tasting #2

Recently the second YetAnotherGin tasting took place, details of the first, this time the focus was on premium gins. As before this was a blind tasting, the people who came to taste had no idea which gin was which, all they knew is that the gin was likely to be on the table shown above. [...]

Review: Polpo Campari Bar, Beak St, London

It’s been about a month since the Polpo Campari Bar has opened, and I thought it best to provide an update. The bar opened on February 8th and is situated in what used to be the old private dining room. If you are familiar with Polpo, this means that it’s downstairs; before you can get [...]

#MEATEASY, New Cross, London

This is a guest post by Jessica Elvidge Despite only being just into its seventh week of opening, word of the #meateasy has got around. Everywhere. In fact, it had barely seen through two weeks before it became the hottest place in town. Down in New Cross, each night, a queue of eager meat-eaters and [...]