CLASS Awards Nominations 2010

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As part of our look at London Cocktail Week, we thought it would be good to bring you the full list of nominees for the CLASS Awards.  CLASS have altered their usual schedule of awards so that they can host the awards as the finale of London Cocktail Week on the Sunday 17th, at Shoreditch [...]

RumFest 2010 – Kensington Olympia 2

Rumfest Free Pour

Whilst we may have a penchant for Gin over here we do indulge in other spirits from time to time.  A little bit of Rum in our lives is always welcome.  Thanks to RumFest, the brainchild of Ian Burrell, we can all learn a little bit more about Rum as Rumfest is the world’s largest [...]

London Cocktail Week – Schedules, and more.

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I remember the first time I uttered the short phrase of ‘London Cocktail Week’, the person I was speaking to looked joyfully at me. They responded “A Week? Of Cocktails? Oh MY!’ That’s pretty much what my thoughts were when I first heard about it. I’ll hopefully be able to attend a few bits and [...]

Callooh Callay Present the Shoreditch (End of) Summer Party

Callooh Callay End of Summer Party

It appears that summer may slowly be drifting away from us. Just the other weekend I was at an ‘Indian Summer’ party but surely as we get nearer to October we have to admit that Summer has truly left us? Luckily those lovely boys and girls at Callooh Callay are giving summer a decent farewell [...]

Beefeater Winter Gin – Release Confirmed

Beefeater Winter Edition - Label Shot

It will come as no surprise to those that were aware of the availability of Beefeater Summer Gin that it is being followed up by a Beefeater Winter Gin. It’s an interesting take on the market, and expands the Beefeater portfolio (which includes the ‘normal‘, 24, Crown Jewel and the aforementioned Summer Gin). Developed by Beefeater’s [...]

London Cocktail Society – Inaugural Meet

69 Colebrooke Row - Lab1

Last week the London Cocktail Society held their first meeting, so whats the lowdown? What happens when cocktails meet science? That’s something that is happening at 69 Colebrooke Row, and even though the bar may appear to be akin to any others (but serving great drinks). The upstairs is where the owner, Tony Congilarino, has [...]

Beefeater 24 – Free Drink Vouchers – B24:LDNXPOSED

Beefeater24 Voucher

Of all the things we like in life, we like those that are free a lot. We like Gin a lot. We like the potential for free Gin even moreso. Luckily the lovely people at Beefeater 24 are allowing 4,000 lucky people (and their friend) the chance to have a free drink. To be in [...]

Bodega, Birmingham – New Bar Opening

Bodega Birmingham

The whispers are true. A few months back we heard of a new bar opening in Birmingham, that had a good team behind it from other venues.

That bar is Bodega, based on Bennetts Hill and opening on the 14th September. It’s from the people behind the Island Bar, Jekyll and Hyde and the Victoria. It’s aiming to be a South American Bar and Cantina, but thats about all we know so far.

Purl & DKNY Jeans – Fashion’s Night Out


Calling those cocktail loving fashionistas. You know about Purl, and you know that Fashion’s Night Out is coming up on September 8th. You do know that right? What you might not know, is that as part of the night DKNY Jeans are hosting a pop-up bar, with music from New Young Pony Club, Alan Pownall, [...]

the Hawksmoor cocktail menu

Hawksmoor Steak

We have a little penchant for cocktails, as well as fine food. When you go to Hawksmoor you get the best of both. Great steaks, and great cocktails. It comes as no surprise that Hawksmoor was voted the best restaurant bar in the country. Over time, due to their success as a great restaurant the [...]