The Home Bar – A Stock Take

Cold Martini

Ever opened your spirits cabinet only to find a lack of what you wanted? Or is everyone else just rather organised? My home bar has had some very good times. It seems, too good of a time. It got rather abused, and never replenished. There was the time that I went to make my self [...]

M&S Gin & Tonic in a CAN – Safety Warning


Gin, a little passion of mine. Tonic, I flirt with now and again. There comes some occassions when I just don’t want a ‘strong/hard’ cocktail, and I just need something to unwind with. A glass of wine might suffice, but sometimes a spirit balance is needed. The issue is, in my day to day job [...]

Midlands Mixology – The Gin Round

Amen Johal

Competitions. The dread of those who aren’t conninving and deceitful, well at least when it comes to school sports day and you tripping up your competitor in the moments before that 100m sprint. Luckily, there are some competitions which interest me a little bit more than the 100m, even if it is extremely likely that [...]

Review: Frank’s Campari Bar, 10th Floor, Peckham Multi-Story Carpark, London

Franks Campari Bar Area

A pop-up art project café on the top of the Peckham Multiplex – ten floors up in a disused car park – serving up lashings of bitter orange Campari cocktails on wooden benches underneath a tarpaulin looking out across the whole of London. As concepts go, it’s difficult to top, even in this saturated city.

Distillery Tours: Beefeater open up for London Open City

Beefeater Distillery, London

Over here in the HQ, we love Gin. We love the fact that by taking a few botanicals, and by doing some magic that you end up with a delightful Gin. I’m sure it’s a tad more complex than that, and it’s nice to see Distilleries opening up to enlighten the interested about the finer points of the art, the brand history and of course the magic.

Crystal Clear Ice Block : Alpha 0.1

Ice Block 0.1 End

Often, I get ice envy. That’s correct. I’m envious of ice. Why? Many bars now have crystal clear ice cubes, or even whole blocks. Though at home, those ice cubes we make in the little plastic trays are often very cloudy. So I set out to make my own block of clear ice. Making Crystal [...]

Sipsmith, release a Sloe Gin

Sipsmith Logo

Buy Now: Sipsmith Sloe Gin, 29%, 500ml
Sipsmith, a lovely Gin distillery that I have known of for a while (and got to taste their Gin & Vodka at Imbibe), who seem to be doing lovely things.

The other day, they mentioned through their twitter (@SipsmithSam) that they were just about to release their Sloe gin. It looks like this was made late last year, if this is part of the batch that is softly mentioned on their website in their news:

Review: Purl, Marylebone, London

Purl - Negroni

We paid a visit to Purl, London the other weeks. Take a look at the review of Purl.
The venue itself feels cosy, when you walk in you might just assume it’s a tiny bar, with just two seats at the bar and a few comfy chairs. Yet go explore and you’ll find hidden away snugs, a piano, old curiosites and posters and bookshelf wallpaper.

Nice Things: A Hendrick’s Notebook & Other Bits

Hendricks Notebook

Yesterday was a good day for ‘free things’, not only did I get sent a set of glasses from The Dorchester (more on that later) I also received something from the lovely curious folks at Hendrick’s. It caught me slightly off guard, wondering how the fine fellows had managed to obtain my actual address. Were those cucumber wielding children of mother’s ruin spying upon me?

Review: Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham

Hotel du Vin Birmingham

Hotel du Vin, Church St, Birmingham Hotel bars are always a classic destination for people seeking cocktails, for some reason they always [usually] serve to a high standard. Now, a hotel known for wine, will it be any good for cocktails? On entering the hotel, you are greeted by an ornate hallway and you need [...]