Imbibe – The Gin Edition

Imbibe Entrance

OK, It’s a few weeks later and hopefully everyone who attended Imbibe is now fully alive. A friend asked me whether it was like any other trade show. In essence yes, except amongst the corridors of stands in an exhibition hall there was a plethora of drinks on offer.

Being a ‘Gin Blog’ we certainly worked hard at giving the different brands a tasting, it was nice to be able to meet the people behind the brands and also to have a chat about their plans, and how they perceive the Gin market. Of course we also tasted a lot of other things, including some Rums, Cognac, Vodka, Tequila, Beer and Wine [oh and a Jagerbomb].

IWSC 2010 – Gin Winners – Aldi Gin!


Gin, my one true love. OK I do like Rum, but Gin has always played a special part in my life. Therefore I take great excitement when I see lists of Gins and what people think of them. The International Wine & Spirits competition, for 2010, have released their results. The surprise entry at the [...]

Review: The Gin Parlour, The Jekyll & Hyde, Birmingham


Much like the story goes this might end up as a piece in two parts, the first being the fact that this is rather a great bar. Not so much a hidden away gem, as a place that you’d be unlikely to stumble upon, unless you worked in the area. That means that you are [...]

Review: The Bar at The Dorchester, Mayfair, London

Negroni At The Dorchester

I’m not what you would call new money, nor old money, but I couldn’t help think as I walked past The Dorchester that I should pop in and sample a drink at their bar. I’ve heard a lot of nice things about the place, and thought why not.

Perhaps, in retrospect I should have thought a bit harder; after all this is: A) Mayfair, B) Posh Hotel and C) Hotel Prices.

Imbibe 2010 – Before

So, the night before the big day. Tomorrow is Imbibe, billed as: an intelligent, new exhibition for anyone who buys or serves drinks within the licensed trade and is keen to improve their drinks offering and knowledge. There should be a good mix of things going on, and if we come across any nice products [...]

Salmon Vodka, Bacon Vodka, Fried Chicken Vodka

Salmon Vodka

Let this madness end, I love Salmon, I love Bacon, I also love Fried Chicken. Though do I really need to have Salmon Vodka, or how about Bacon Vodka? [OK I jest about the Fried Chicken Vodka] Is this more a quirky marketing angle, than trying to offer a real experience. Surely these products can’t [...]

Cocktails in Bohemia

Prague Skyline

Things have been quiet of late, due to a little trip into Bohemia for work. [Well OK, I was in Prague/Praha, Czech Republic]. Travel is always fun, but my past trips to Prague have always involved local beers [Staropramen, and the nearby Pilsner Urquell]. Now it was time to checkout the cocktail culture of the [...]