Tiki Research – Piña Colada

Pina Colada

A great piece of writing from the folks at Painkiller, NYC. Looking into the history, and background of the Piña Colada.

Over the past 30 years, the Piña Colada has been relegated to a dismal life of careless preparation using pre-packaged artificial mixes and low quality spirits. Many establishments have settled for simply churning out frozen “cocktails” en masse from poorly calibrated machines. For the majority of the cocktail world, the art of frozen drink making has been rendered moot—hence the modern bartender’s reluctance to embrace the blender as a valuable tool behind their bar.

The pairing of rum, pineapple, and cream of coconut in a cocktail has proven to be a formidable marriage. During our initial research into the world of Tiki and frozen cocktails, we chose to embark on a trip that would take us to many of the most venerated outposts of tropical bar culture around the world…

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Bar.10 & London Cocktail Summit

Bar Ten Logo

Tomorrow, (Tuesday 14th June), see’s the start of BAR10 and the first London Cocktail Summit (organised by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller from Mixellany)

It looks like it’s going to be a great event, but unfortunately we can’t attend. That said if you are going it sounds like the guy at 69 Colebrooke Row are going to be your ‘local’. Checkout our thoughts from our visit to their bar on our 69 Colebrooke Row Review.

World Gin Day – Over For Another Year


What can I say, on our second yearly day of appreciation for Gin, otherwise known as World Gin Day, we had a terrific response.

Review: Island Bar, Birmingham

Cucumber Elderflower Martini

This is one of the few places in Birmingham that bills itself as a cocktail bar (and rock and roll bar). It’s certainly a bit different from what some people might believe a cocktail bar should look like with its funky interior, and rock&roll vibe.

Though a quick look at the bar, and of the menu show you one thing. Cocktails are the main thing on the menu, sure there are some bottle and draft beers – but well you may not receive the warmest of welcome if that’s all you are after.

Drink: The Puritan at Hawksmoor London

G’Vine Connoisseur Program Coverage

G'Vine Gins

Currently in the depth of Cognac, 12 of the best Gin bartenders who have been whittled down are fighting away in rounds of competitions.

Luckily, no hand to hand combat is taking place. Instead so far they have had a blind tasting of 12 unknown Gins, and a speed round of trying to make 2 G&Ts, a Negroni, a Summer Martini and a Jasmine in 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Review: Rules Restaurant, Covent Garden, London

Bar at Rules Restaurant

London, a place that just screams BUSY at you. So it was with surprise that when I first ventured into Rules and asked the doorman if I could visit the bar, that I found myself alone with my server being Brian, the bar manager. [No Doorman? Just pop inside and ask.]

Whilst my first visit may have been on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon, the place is literally a stones throw from the main hubris of Covent Garden Plaza. Had I stumbled upon a secret place, or was I going to be let down – I wasn’t too sure. The reason for the visit, I asked the simple question of ‘Where do you think the best cocktail bar in central London is?’, something that could be a divisive question; afterall everyone has their favourites. A variety of responses came back, but Rules Cocktail Bar was one of the closest places to me and most common answers, from a lot of people I respect.

TimesOnline – With Plymouth Gin

Iced Plymouth Gin

An extract from Gin is just the tonic

Sean Harrison, Plymouth Gin’s Master Distiller, crushes a handful of juniper berries in his hand. He lets them fall through a glass funnel into a glass bulb filled with pure grain alcohol. An hour before we’d been standing in front of the distillery’s great copper still — the grown-up version of the little chemistry experiment we’re enacting here — which has been going strong since 1855, though the whole operation is much older than that. No juniper, no gin: as simple as that — without the genièvre that gives the drink its name you’d only be making flavoured vodka, legally speaking.

Full article at TimesOnline Food & Drink

Flickr image from oops’ photostream.

World Gin Day – 12 June 2010

Martini Gin Cocktail

A while ago, or more precisely over a year ago, when YetAnotherGin was just setup we decided to declare a day World Gin Day.

There was no reason, we just happen to like Gin, we know others do, so we thought we could cajole our fellow Gin loving comrades into having a bit of a tipple.

World Cup Drinks Planner

World Cup Trophy

The World Cup is fast approaching, so take your group planner in one hand, and these lists in the other. BarLifeUK have published a list of cocktails, for each country present.

World Cup Cocktails: Part One
World Cup Cocktails: Part Two